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Sunday, October 22, 2006

How to climb the Technorati Ladder - Link to me and I will do the same for you!

It appears that to rate well on the Technorati website you need to have as many blogs as possible link to your blog.

For example a blog similar to this blog which previously had only 2 blogs linking to it, will be near the 2 million position, however thanks to some reciprocal links this blog which now has 4 or 5 blogs linking to it has moved to around the 750,000 position. My plan is climb this ladder and I need your help (if you have a blog) to do it. This is how I propose to do this.

Firstly please place a link to this blog on your blog site, then leave me a comment that you have done this, and my promise to you is that within 24 hours as long as you are a reasonable blog site (e.g nothing dodgy please) I will place a reciprocal link on this page. That way you help me and I help you. (disclaimer: obviously if I get an overwhelming response it may take me a little longer - this is a "best effort" promise.)

You can see how my rank has risen (or stayed the same unless you help me!) by clicking on this link...

This will have the result of helping my blog get better traffic, and helping your blog get better traffic, most search engines look at the amount of links out there when working out the page ranking for a site.

This is a simple case of you scratch my back and I will scratch yours, it may also save both of us spending unproductive time surfing other peoples blogs to earn credits to get people that may actually have no interest in the topic of our blogs but are forced to read them!

The link will be permanent and apart from a few minutes to set up, relatively painless. Think long term!

I look forward to adding your links to my site, now off to try and drag in a few visitors........


ChrisRobot said...

I added your blog to my links at I like your experiment and attitude towards the blog world!

Burtle said...

Its certainly an interesting experiment to be part of, I have linked to your blog. Thanks a lot