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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Day 21 - The Sports Betting Project Begins

OK so far we have not found a way to make money very quickly, at this rate of $5 every 22 days it is going 12453 Years to make my million, chances are that no matter what advances are made in the next few decades, I will probably not be around to enjoy the money!

So the next phase of our project has been instigated, we could call this Plan B. We are going to bet small amounts on low odds, to try and return a small profit with little risk of losing. The first obstacle that I encountered is the minimum bet, I was planning on making $1 bets on 5 to 10 different Sports events to try and cover the occasional loss that must be expected. However I have found out today that the min bet is $5.

The next obstacle I encountered was a strange one, it appears the NZ Tab website is not IE 7 friendly and I could not view the Sports Categories in the side panel, so I then had to fire up trusty FireFox. However when submitting the bet in FireFox an error kept occurring, so I had to find the bet in FireFox and then submit it in IE.... nothing is ever easy!!

1st Bet NBA Basketball Detroit v Memphis $5-oo on Detroit to win
Return $6.30

2nd Bet Australian Soccer League NZ Knights v Queensland $5-00 Queensland to win
Return $7.40

I am hoping for some first up "Beginners Luck" because as you can see, I have not covered myself if one of the teams loses. I doubt the NZ knights will win, as they only win about once a year but are a little more nervous about the basketball bet, not knowing much about it.

Please let me know of any suggestions you may have, or any worthwhile information as to better ways to carry out this type of betting.

Fingers and toes crossed, for once I will be interested in the soccer results...

Incidentally a tremendous win by the Great Britain League team last night against Australia. Congratulations, I am sure a few punters would have lost out on that one! The look on Willie Masons face was priceless as he tasted yet again the bitter taste of defeat.

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