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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

2007 A Year of Challenges Ahead

Looking at the exponential growth projections that we have put together for our various online earnings, by the end of 2007 we need to be earning US $473.12 per month. This is certainly achievable and only laziness can really stand in the way of it becoming reality.

In fact I would be hoping to achieve this figure many months before the end of the year, however that is going to take a lot of hard work.

We have a new project launching on or around the 20th January which I am hoping will contribute greatly towards our overall earnings, as well as our Million Dollar Experiment Down Under specifically. This has taken up a lot of time over the last couple of months, and it will be good to start seeing some kind of return from it.

In the last few days I have joined up with loudlaunch which is a brand new payperpost type site, and also I hope to be joining up with payperpost themselves in the next couple of weeks. These will all help to increase earnings going forward over what are going to be extremely challenging and busy months.

Google AdSense has for the first time for me passed the $40 US mark this month (over all my sites). This really excites and motivates me to spend more time trying to build traffic to my sites, as the growth of this appears to be directly related to the visitors received. I would have to say that a Blog is probably one of the harder ways that you can expect to earn Money from Google AdSense as niche sites, that attract a wide range of web surfers appear to get a much higher rate of click through. My biggest earning site, was never even created with AdSense in mind!

In the coming months I would like to see more interaction on this blog, you may have noticed that there is now an option on the sidebar to give me a call if you have skype. I am not sure whether this is of any interest to anyone, however why not be a bit more sociable and have a real talk about whats going on in the Online Money World? I fear sometimes that humans will eventually lose the ability to speak, as communication becomes more and more non verbal!

I am not a great one for making specific New Years Resolutions however some of these goals could be considered Resolutions. It is important to realise that the only thing standing in the way of our dreams is ourselves. (providing our dreams are attainable).

Lets look forward to the year that is ahead - take it easy.

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