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Thursday, December 28, 2006

How to supplement your income with Sponsored Posts

Lately I have been writing sponsored posts, lots of them and although one may think that this could negatively impact a blog, I actually think that it has a positive impact, additionally it is helpful revenue to my part of the Million Dollar Experiment.

Writing sponsored posts can mean that your Blog is regularly updated - which is a good thing.
Reputable Pay per post companies like Blogitive require that you have at least 2 posts of 50 words or more between sponsored posts. This means that if you are writing lots of sponsored posts, you are also writing a lot of not sponsored posts - this is also a good thing.
You can clearly mark a sponsored post, as a sponsored post, this means that readers can tell at a glance what it is and choose to read it if they wish or simply ignore it.
Key words, you may find that your site starts to show up from searches that it would not have previously, because of the wealth of new key words that you have been using in your sponsored posts.
It is quite possible to earn more than $50 US a month doing this, even on a relatively low traffic blog. That pays for your Internet connection, hosting if you pay for it and a domain name!

I recommend that if you are writing sponsored posts, that every time you publish one, you have another article ready to go straight after it. That way whenever someone visits your blog they are greeted with a genuine article, not a Sponsored Post, which could put them off.

Happy Posting - Any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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