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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Consistency with your Blogging will Reap Long Term Rewards

From articles that I have researched in the past few weeks, plus my own recent experience it has become clear that there is no easy "Quick Money" to be made online. If you think you are going to start up a blog, post a few articles and start reeling in the money then you are sadly mistaken. Click here for an article on ProBlogger where the top 100 blogs on technorati were studied, to see how many months they had been around.

There is however hope for those that have the stickability to outlast the duration of many of the other blogs out there. It is hard to find an accurate figure on how long the average blog lasts, however it would seem that many Blogs would struggle to last the first six months. Exact statistics on this would be very interesting to read.

Looking at Technoratis state of the Blogosphere Report it appears that 100,000 new blogs appear everyday, and the overall quantity of blogs doubles every 230 days! The article also has some interesting facts on how the different levels of authority are measured on the technorati website.

As our own blog begins to creep closer and closer to the top 100,000 Blogs on Technorati it becomes apparent how much of an achievement this really is, especially if there are Millions of other blogs out there and growing by 100,000 every day!

I think that it would be fair to say that most people don't have the perseverance or the patience to make something like this work, otherwise everyone would be quitting their jobs and blogging away like crazy!

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