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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Frequently Asked Questions From the Million Dollar Experiment Down Under

Here are answers to some of the questions you may have about this website and experiment.

Q1: Do you really think that you will make 1 million dollars online from your site...

Yes I do, I am a great believer in the power of positive thought, and have noticed that exponential growth appears to be achievable if the right systems are put in place. If you don't believe it is possible I invite you to call back every now and again for an update and I think you will be surprised, we are only just beginning in our quest.

Q2: Can anyone join the experiment and where do I sign up...

Yes anyone can sign up for the million dollar
, and I would suggest that you do, because there is everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Q3: What is the biggest earner for you, since you have started the experiment...

The biggest earner has been a bit of a surprise, I had never even heard of Blogitive when I started this, and would not have realized that now a couple of months down the track it is the biggest money earner from my blog site.
Q4: What has been the biggest let down for you as a blogger to date...

My Sports Betting project was certainly disappointing, at worst I thought that I would break even, however a ten dollar loss was very hard to take, especially when every dollar is so hard to come by!

Q5: Suggestions for other people looking at making some money Blogging...

Just make a start and get into it. I would have to say that it can become addictive, at first it was hard going updating the blog all the time, however it is starts to become second nature.

It is fairly easy to make a little bit of money online, once you start making money it gives you something to build on, and this can be the key to creating an exponential amount of ever increasing wealth.

One key thing that I have learned, is that when you are feeling creative write as many posts, or beginnings of posts as you can, and save them as drafts.
Then when you are feeling tired or perhaps not as creative as you could be you have something to fall back on.

Stay honest and open about what you are doing, don't promote something that you don't believe in without declaring that you are being paid for it, and certainly don't try and trick people into clicking on your affiliate links or ads etc.

Try to get as many other sites linking to your site as you can, this is key in improving your rankings with search engines and sites like

Be patient, chances are it is going to be a very long time before you earn enough to quit your job, so set small achievable goals and think long term, stay positive and things will start to click into place.

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LFC fan! said...

A good one.

Of course one can make million dollar by blogging. The only thing what one has to do is constant updating with quality contents.

rob stgeorge said...

Thanks lfc, I think you have hit the nail on the head there.

Sunflower said...

Interesting experiment thought.

Goodluck for your experiment

rob stgeorge said...

sunflower: Thanks for dropping by, I am glad you found it interesting!

Mike Perry said...

Yes, you'll get there: whatever we can believe we can achieve. Lot's of luck to you.