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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Why not give me a call via Skype for a friendly chat about Making Money Online?

Being a newcomer to the Skype world I am keen to start talking to a few people. So in my sidebar on the side, I have placed a link to my Skype phone, along with a status update of whether or not I am online. It would be great if you happen to be a fellow skype user for you to give me a call, whether it is to discuss Money Making ideas, or just to introduce yourself and say hello!

I am not sure what the quality of the call would be like, so are keen to test it out as much as possible. I am at the other end of the world to most of the web surfers out there so it would be an interesting experiment to compare the quality of Skype in a US to NZ link up, compared to say a US to UK call, which some of you may regularly make.

Anyway don't be shy, give me a call if you feel like it.

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Harshal Vakil said...

sure voice is quite clear on skype

remember me, we exchanged links a few days ago

i told u to add hits4pay to the list of money making sites, u never answered!

here is my post on hits4pay

rob stgeorge said...

Ok thanks, your perserverance has convinced me it must be worth a look. Off to sign up now, with your referral link off your post. Heres hoping for some more bucks!