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Saturday, December 23, 2006

70 Day Summary of the Million Dollar Experiment Down Under

Another 10 days has passed since our last update. Things have been a bit quiet on the Blogitive side of things which has not helped us, however Google AdSense and mylot have made small gains for us.

GoogleAdsense Total $7.53
Money4Blogs Total $29.41
Blogsvertise Total $22.06
MYLOT Total $5.54
SportsGambling Total -$10.10
Beer tasting Total $30.00
Blogitive Total $66.18

Grand Total:NZ $155.33 (US$105.62)

It has become apparent in recent times that additional pay per post type resources are going to be an essential part of future growth.

For the Million Dollar Experiment Down Under, most of our traffic comes from referrals, this is something I do not mention enough as it is a key ingredient for the ongoing success of this site. The top Five Referral sites are (in no particular order)...

Mike's Money Making Mission
How to make money by blogging and how I am doing in it!
Can I Make Big Money Online
My Quest to make Money on the Internet

The main surprise out of the above is the Money4Blogs site, as they actually paid me to place a link on my site. As I was so impressed with this, I wrote an article about the service that they offer. As a result of my article there is quite a decent sized comment on the Money4Blogs site, pointing to my site and this has sent a large number of visitors through.
As well as this a number of Google searches for "Money4Blogs" find there way to my site.

This is quite a strange turn about when you consider that I am getting traffic from someone who was kind enough to pay me for a link to their site! I sincerely hope that the Money4Blogs team get plenty of visits in return!

It goes to show that if you see value in a product or service, be sure to tell your readers about it, even if there is no apparent incentive. Quality recommendations will result in visits, links and good karma for all!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the sites that have linked through to mine, it is great to see the referrals coming through, and I am sure that this experiment would not even be possible without all of these. If you have a like minded blog, or an interesting one, please link to me, and post a comment saying you have done so. I will then link back to you and we can all help to enhance each others networks.

Thanks also to all those that have taken the time to comment on my articles, it is always great to read your views and thoughts.

Have a great Christmas, Enjoy the day and try not to eat to much Christmas pudding!

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TechExplorer said...

Hi Rob, thanks for adding my blog reviewszone.blogspot.com to your site. I have added link to your blog as well.