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Monday, January 15, 2007

Building your Online Empire - One Day at a Time

As you begin to publish more and more information on your website, plus perhaps increase your online presence via multiple websites and blogs, it can become quite a juggling act to keep everything ticking along. - If you have a few sites on the go then you know where I am coming from!

And not only do we want to tick along, most of us are very motivated to keep the growth graphs heading upwards as fast as possible.

One way to cope with this (if you are working full time as well) is to make sure that you make a minimum of one significant contribution to some part of your Empire every day - If you are working on your sites full time you will obviously have a lot more time to work on your sites.

This contribution can be activities like spending time working on a new or existing site , promoting your site(s), or creating useful and value filled content. As long as you spend an hour or two a day and do something worthwhile you will make great progress. If you stagnate, unfortunately the growth of your Empire will slow and begin to wilt as well.

It is possible to create ongoing growth and improvement, even if you are not a specialized writer or website builder, however it is very hard work maintaining the consistency that eventual success will require. By committing this time and making sure you do it over and over again after a month you will have made 30 valuable contributions to your Empire. After six months you would have made almost 200!

Think of any large achievement or structure, there are not many overnight wonders out there, so most of us need to build gradually one block at a time. You cannot expect to start up a blog and make a living after a couple of months, but by taking small steps and working your plan you can attain visible growth that after a few years could see you making enough to support yourself quite comfortably.

I mention it a lot and that is because so far it is working very well for me and that is Exponential Growth - you can see my initial post on it here. Set your budgets on what you make this month and increase it 20 percent per month thereafter. Then work your butt off to ensure that you succeed - chances are you will blow it away!

Thats all for today - Just a day at a time, make at least one valuable contribution to your empire.

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Laura said...

What a great tower! I never saw one like that before. Very good post too, blogging and trying to keep up with everything can be a bit challenging at times. Little steps each day, I like that. -Laura

rob stgeorge said...

Thanks, glad you liked the post! Thats Aucklands Sky Tower, my home city. People bunji jump off that, by I am way to scared to give it a go! - maybe in another 30 or 40 years after I have enjoyed life to the fullest.

Anonymous said...

Very well said. I'm sure, you and I will be here much longer if we want to build our own tower online. But the good thing as you said, we can make it by working each day.

Good luck.

Mike Perry said...

Exactly right. It's the habit of doing something every day, even when busy. It pays off in the end. It's what life is all about: developing and improving.
Good post,

rob stgeorge said...

ruben: Sounds like we have similar ideas when it comes to long term gains, thanks for your comment.

mike: glad you liked the post! cheers


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