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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Add a Job Board to your site - plus we stumble upon NZ's No1 Blogger!

I have always wondered who is NZ's number 1 Blogger and I think that I have found him. His name is Richard MacManus and he has the popular site Read/WriteWeb. I came across this site surprisingly offline, after reading an article about him in the NZ Herald.

This is an excerpt from Richards site.

Read/WriteWeb was founded and is edited by Richard MacManus, from Wellington New Zealand. Richard spends most of his time working on Read/WriteWeb these days, but previously he did research, analysis and product development work for companies in Silicon Valley and beyond. Prior to that he worked for some of New Zealand's top organizations as a Web Manager.
Now it appears that he ditched his job in August 2005 and went hard out to make a full time career of it. He earns his income now from advertising on his very popular Blog. (Ranked 67 on Technorati when I checked it this am.)

Anyway while I was on his site having a look I noticed that he had a Job Board Widget set up, where people could post job vacancies onto his site. Knowing that there had to be a financial incentive behind this it raised my antenna, particularly because of my JobHunters websites which currently advertise people looking for work rather than vacancies.

Looking into this further I found a great setup, the site is called JobThread and basically you set a price on how much someone needs to pay to place a job vacancy on your job site (created on their domain or yours) which then displays on a nifty little widget which you can place on your site.

As I am always looking at ways to further monetize my JobHunters sites, I have placed the widget on the NZ JobHunters site and the Euro JobHunters site - you also have the opportunity to display job adverts from the general area and earn money from this.

I have mine set at $5 USD for a vacancy for 30 days, or you can pay $7 USD and get a feature advert! The revenue is split 50/50 with jobthread which is quite fair considering they are doing all the work.

There is also a referral scheme where if you refer someone to join one of their paid plans you will recieve $50. Now I am not sure if a job board would suit this Blog, however if you have a Blog about a Niche Topic, it would certainly be something worth looking at and a great way to further monetize your site.

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Edward said...

Hi Rob,
I have linked back to your site . Thanks !