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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Comments on Comments

There seem to be a lot of ways that different Bloggers deal with the comments on their sites, some don’t have comments on at all, others are happy to let you leave a comment however don’t really participate in what can end up being quite an interesting conversation. Then there are the ones that provide active feedback for the comments left on their sites.

If your site is quite new, and you are not getting a lot of traffic to it, sometimes the best option is to leave comments turned off altogether, as that way when visitors come to the site - it is much harder for them to judge the popularity of the site by the amount (or lack ) of comments that are being left on a regular basis.

If you are on, it is a good idea to have anonymous comments allowed, otherwise you are limiting your comment leavers to people that have blogs on blogger, which is probably not even half of your potential readers. I see a lot of quite new blogs that are going to be lucky to get any comments at all - and don't have anonymous comments turned on. To enable anonymous comments navigate to your blogger settings, then click on comments and select anyone.

One of the best ways to get comments on your posts is to visit other sites and leave interesting comments. So go on, why don't you get over your shyness and go and leave a comment on someones Blog - you never know they might just end up visiting your site and could even become a regular visitor!


Unknown said...

Hi Rob,

How is it going?

I dont see any adsense link ads in your blog. Why is that?

For me adsense link ads r one of the best performers.

Try them.

LFC fan..

Anonymous said...

your quite right, although I dont run them on this site, I do have them on a couple of my other blogs. I might give them a whirl and see what happens.