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Friday, February 16, 2007

Google AdSense Link Units - hopefully adding to exponential growth!

After a suggestion from one of my fellow "like minded" bloggers LFC Fan I have decided to add some Google AdSense Link Units to this site, Link units are a bit different to the normal AdSense adverts in the way that they display a list of topics that are relevant to your page.

It is important that in staying in line with Googles TOS you only place one link unit per content page.

February is a short month, it was going to be hard to meet my required targets this month on passive income alone, hence the additional paid posts that you may have recently seen.

You may remember back in October we began our exponential growth experiment, the article was Exponential growth with your Website Profits and February is month 5 of this (Octobers online earnings were the beginning for us).

In this exponential growth experiment money from all of my online sources is being calculated and I am pleased to say that this month we are on target to more than double what was achieved in October. The majority of the income growth is also passive which is very pleasing and makes for very exciting times ahead.

I will post a full report of the figures of this at the end of February with a month by month breakdown of targets, achievements plus a look ahead at the next 5 months. Remember it is not to hard to increase your earnings by a mere 20% on what you did the previous month. Keep this up and you will soon be making very good money indeed. It actually creeps up on a you a bit and it is only when you look back that you see what great improvements have actually been made.

The attitude that I have about this is simply failure is not an option. I will do whatever it takes to make an extra 20 percent a month - if that means some months staying awake all night and writing sponsored posts to make up the difference then that is what has to be done. If it means creating more sites than what I already have then that's what I will do. I would prefer however to continue maximising the income from the sites that I already have - as time does become an issue. (especially with a young family, and a full time job!)

I am experimenting with Google AdWords on one of my sites at the moment and have found some interesting results happening with this - more details to come in a future post.


LFC fan! said...

Hi rob,

Nice you have started trying adwords. You must be extremely careful in giving your landing page. I started spending some small amount of money, then stopped for a while.

Regarding your link unit, I would recommend to place it just above your post. I am sure that it wont disturb your readers as well as it is quite effective.

John said...

Interesting to see that you are very focused on your goal to the extent that you will go to achieve it. I hope you are still able to keep some balance with other aspects of your life and will pop across now and again to see how you are doing.

All the Best

rob stgeorge said...

lfc fan: Not sure what you mean by being extremely careful in giving your landing page?

john: Thanks for calling by, I guess I need to stay that focused if I am to succeed. The only thing that will stop me is need to make sure that doesnt happen.

LFC fan! said...

Hi Rob,
what I am trying to say is, when you advertise a page thru adwords, make sure that you are not giving any outgoing links. If at all there are some outgoing links, make sure that they are adsense ads or leading to your affiliate programs.

Laura said...

Great job on more than doubling your starting income! Keep up the great work! -Laura

rob stgeorge said...

lfc: Gotya, thanks!

Laura: With exponential growth of 20 percent we are looking at doubling every 5 months, I guess its only going to get more and more challenging, however hopefully we can keep it up!