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Thursday, February 08, 2007

FriendFinder, and Amazon yet to deliver results in the Million Dollar Experiment Down Under

You may have noticed a change in scenery around the outskirts of this Blog, specifically I placed a FriendFinders aff: advert on the site, plus have been experimenting with a couple of Amazon Adverts. The results have been quite disappointing.

Neither FriendFinder nor Amazon have returned a cent, this is a bummer really because I am trying to not be so reliant on AdSense, however it is becoming the Bread and Butter of most of my sites and nothing I have found seems to be able to better it to date. I would be very interested in your story about some product you have found and monetized on your site that has outperformed Google AdSense (and does not require active participation!)

PayPerPost have still not reviewed my Pending Posts 9 and 7 days after I submitted them, I wonder if they wait 30 days before accepting them? And will I then have to wait another 30 days to be paid? I am wanting to add the totals to my figures, however I never add anything until it has been approved.

Loudlaunch paid me today for the one post I did while checking out their site a while back, I have logged back in a few times, however all their offers are $5 or $3 which is not really enough I dont think. It is important to put some kind of value on what your time is worth when you are working on stuff that is nothing more than an exchange of time for money. I might as well log in to PayPerPost and do a similar sized Post and get paid twice as much, or even better spend the time writing an article that might be useful to someone!

The Z-List has been working well, and has boosted us up the Technorati Rankings. It will be interesting to see how far it goes.

Funny side effect of Blogging... I have noticed that now when I do a spell check there are hardly any spelling mistakes, however when I started 6 or 7 months ago - there were spelling mistakes aplenty. Has Blogging made you a better speller?

Look out for the 12o Day Summary - Coming soon.

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TechExplorer said...

true Rob, I have had Amazon on my site from the start.. nothing happened in months. Adsense gives a few cents here and there. I guess you need more reader/traffic. Also people who read blogs are less likely to follow the links? (if you know what I mean). I think what we should do is this, a few of bloggers get together to start a new project (beside blogging) and promote it and then see the rewards. we should think outside the box here.

rob stgeorge said...

Thanks for calling by Irwin, you are right I think it takes sites other than blogs about making money to make any money!