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Friday, February 09, 2007

Sponsored Post - Access to Guns vs. non-lethal self defense

I have been surprised to find out that in some states of the US you can get a permit to carry a gun but can not get a non-lethal alternative like a stun gun, taser or Mace Pepper Spray. This would seem to encourage people to use a gun for self defence, instead of a stun gun similar to the one below.

If I was to choose a form of protection for myself (and I if I lived somewhere that you could legally own one of these) it would be this one.

This is the Powerful Straight Form Stun Gun that delivers 500,000 Volts . You can view this one and other Stun Guns here. If you were not to keen on a stun gun you could consider mace pepper spray .
Unfortunately if you live in some states you are not allowed to purchase either of these, yet you can own a gun. Does this mean that it is OK to kill someone that is trying to harass or attack you yet not OK to stun them and give yourself time to escape?
I am going to leave comments open on this post because I am genuinely interested in what people have to say on this subject. Please let me know what you think.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rob,
Seems an unusual one this. It didn't come from Blogitive, did it? It seems ludicrous that every US citizen has the right to own a firearm but things like this are illegal in some (backward) States. That must be Louisiana and Rhode Island!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tom from what I can find on the net these are the states where you cannot have stun guns..


These are the states where you cannot have pepperspray..


Your right it didn't come from blogitive this one!

Tom said...

I was right about Rhode Island! They've got some very strange fish in that state. Very strange indeed.

SparkyJP said...

I believe everyone has the right to defend themselves. Women, seniors, and the disabled are all at a disadvantage. It makes much more sense to allow people to carry nonlethal weapons than to be packing loaded weapons. People should write their legislators in the states that prohibit the use of nonlethal weapons in order to change the laws.