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Friday, March 30, 2007

6 Skills I Use to Make Money Online

I was thinking today to do what you and I do takes quite a diverse skill set. Now I am certainly not an expert at most things, the only advanced knowledge I would have is in the area of SQL for programming databases, certainly something most webmasters can live without. Anyway I thought I would list the skills that I use on a regular basis to run and maintain the 7 or so websites/blogs that myself and a couple of colleagues own. With the way templates and CMS sites are nowadays most of this is probably not necessary however it certainly comes in handy if you want to build or adapt something original.

1/ PHP/HTML Programming - this is something that I do because I have to, I am no expert at it and usually pull together bits of code that I find on the web to achieve whatever task I am trying to get on top of. PHP is a powerful language and I know that more of my time spent learning more about it will assist in the future. It is also what Wordpress is written in so comes in handy for Wordpress blog modifications.

2/ MySQL - This is the database behind many websites and again is part of the platform that Wordpress uses, luckily for me working as a Database Analyst in my day job this part comes fairly easy to me, however can be confusing for some.

3/ General Computer Knowledge - After working in IT and performing a variety of functions over the years this is not to much of a show stopper for me, however when setting up my development environment and configuring Apache Web Services, PHP and MySQL to replicate the environment of my ISP I have often thought that as painful as it can prove to be for me, some people must really struggle trying to get this stuff going.

4/ Writing Skills - These are necessary for Blogging, probably an area where I really struggle compared to some of the Bloggers out there. However I do what I can and try and spellcheck my work and proof read everything so hopefully there are not to many errors in my posts. Unfortunately I left school when I was 16 and went and worked in a tyre shop - so don't have the best education compared to most people!

5/ SEO Knowledge - This is something I am very interested in and learning more and more as time goes on. I really think that having great SEO knowledge can be the difference between having a good site that no one visits and having a good site that makes you a few bucks because its traffic heavy. In the last couple of weeks I have been doing some fine tuning on a few of my sites and hope to see some results in the weeks to come

6/ General Internet Knowledge - Ftp, http, paypal, forums, image handling, RSS Feeds, RSS Readers etc etc the list never ends, you need to have good general knowledge of the internet.

The way the Blogosphere is now you can probably make it with very few of these skills, however the more knowledge that you gain the better your chances will be. I think if you are a great writer this can mean that you can more than likely make it without to many other skills, however you made require some assistance to get you going.

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emigre said...

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I have added your site to my links since I have a small make money online blog as well. Hope you can add my site to your links.


rob stgeorge said...

Thats something I will have to take a look at one day! thanks for the link. I am just off to visit your site.