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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Tracking Keywords - Bloggers Toolkit Series

You may wonder why all the focus on key words lately however it is all about money really. To achieve my goal of earning one million nz dollars I need lots and lots of traffic to my sites - thousands of visitors a day.

Of course one great way to get traffic is optimizing your website or blog for popular keywords which bring us to the second part of this keyword series. You may want to read the first article before taking on this one. Keyword Selector Tool - Bloggers Toolkit Series

There is a tool that I have found to be very useful and well worthwhile for the tracking of where your site ranks over time related to certain keywords. This is good stuff for Bloggers and site owners trying to get more traffic because it means you can measure the success of changes that you make when trying to optimize your site for certain keywords.

The tool is called the Search Engine Key Word Tracker - however before you go and register for it, let me give you the lowdown.

Why would you want to use this tool?
If you are interested in optimizing your website or Blog for certain keywords and would like to track and measure how you are going a tool like this will give you the necessary visibility of where you are at on an ongoing basis.

How do you use it?
Its pretty simple to use which is good to know! Basically you wander along to Search Engine Key Word Tracker register which just takes a couple of secs and then you can log in to the control panel. From here you simply add the keywords along with the sites that you are interested in and it will display where they are currently ranked in Google.

Once you have set these up it is just a matter of working on your site to promote the words that you are interested in and you can check back whenever you like to see how its going. One thing to keep in mind is that when you log in to view this tool you need to click on the Check All link to update the information.

There are many ways of improving the ranking of your site for certain keywords and the 3 methods that I use most often are...

1/ Using the key term in anchor text of a link - if you don't know what this means it is the words shown for a link - not the actual link itself. For example great site would be the way to go if you wanted to promote these keywords for the site which is the link behind it.

2/ Using the words in the title of the html page

3/ Including them in the text of your site, particularly as headings and/or bold text as the searchbots treat these as more important than general text.

Goodluck with your keyword optimization and let me know of any other worthwhile suggestions that you have, I am also always on the look out for good tools to include in the Bloggers Toolkit Series.

March results coming soon....the month is drawing to a close.

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