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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Cut, Paste and Post - Sponsored Posts on Steroids

Have you ever done a Sponsored Post? If so and you are like me the worst and most time consuming part of a Sponsored Post is trying to find out enough information about the company you are reviewing to create an original article about them. You know you are only going to get between 5 and 15 dollars for it, so time is a consideration.

What if there was a place where the Advertisers wrote their own Sponsored Post and all you had to do was Paste it into your blog and click on the Publish Button? Would this make things easier?

Well I think it would and as I think there is a market where advertisers could pay less for their advertising, and Bloggers could spend less time learning about products they might not be interested in I have started the "Sir Bloggers Easy Post System".

I have had a blog for a while now called which is not doing much so I thought I could put it to good use and set up a Blogger to Advertiser network, anyway the Easy Post System works like this...

For Bloggers
Advertisers contact you with a post they would like to place on your blog, it can be up to 200 words in size and contain up to 3 links. The Advertiser has written it for you all you need to do is publish it and send the URL back to the advertiser along with your paypal userid. The Advertiser then has agreed (by contacting you in the first place) to pay you $5 for posting the advert. If this appeals to you great - submit your blog here...

Worst case scenario you get a free link to your blog from the Sir Blogger Website!

For Advertisers
The Sir Bloggers Easy Post system has 3 advantages for Advertisers over traditional pay per post sites..

1/ No 3rd party involved, the advertiser deals direct with the Blogger.
2/ Price - because you are not paying anyone else there is no commission or "affiliate" payment involved
3/ Advertising Copy - you write your own for each site that you want it to appear on. No more spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. If you like you can get your marketing department to write the articles and just change them a bit for each site you request to post them on to avoid "duplicate content" on the search engines.

If this sounds like a great way to create buzz for your site please head to Sir Bloggers Posters and choose which Blogs you would like to use. The cost is $5 for each 200 word article with up to 3 links of your choosing in it. If you wanted 5 sites to post an article it would only set you back $25 dollars.

More Information at Sir Bloggers Easy Post - Advertisers and Bloggers Direct - If you think this is a good idea, please help me spread the word, I can see great income potential for Bloggers if the time factor is removed from sponsored posts, and at the same time it is a saving for advertisers.


Sandra said...

I think that is a great idea! Good luck with your new project.

rob stgeorge said...

Thanks Sandra, hopefully a few people will get behind it and it will be good for us all.

Maria said...

Hi Rob, I also think this is a great idea and have posted about it on my blog Making of an Internet Entrepreneur. Good luck with it!

- Maria

rob stgeorge said...

Thanks heaps for the Plug Maria, its appreciated!

emigre said...

Great idea! I'm heading over there now.

And thanks for the link!

Subhash said...

Sounds gr8.. of luck!

one ques -- where will the blogs be posted.. on ?

rob stgeorge said...

hey Subhash, thanks for calling by. The Blogs that have signed up are viewable at..

Take it easy


subhash said...

thats cool.. but how many people read blogs on sirblogger...why not put blogs having ads on

rob stgeorge said...

its not easy to do database programming on blogspot blogs - on sirblogger its my own domain and the blogs that people submit are dynamically shown via the database. If I was to show them on this blog it would all be cut and paste etc. The traffic is building up on the SirBlogger site - it should do ok going forwards. I will probably try and promote it through here as well, so will try to make the most of both worlds.

Daryl W.T. Lau said...

Real cool idea bro... I will submit my blogs after the PR update shortly.


rob stgeorge said...

Daryl - thanks man, I can't wait for that PR update either! lets hope it hurrys up.