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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Exponential Growth - 6 Months down the Track - A Summary

Exponential Growth of the Million Dollar Experiment Down Under

Its been a strange Month, I started out with a huge boost from a number of Sponsored Posts and then pretty much cruised on from there. I had achieved the Monthly Target quite early on so from there endeavoured to concentrate on increasing Passive Income.

AdSense has been a little disappointing for me the last couple of months, I would have hoped to have been a lot further ahead with this than what I am currently however at least I suppose it gives me something to focus on this month as I try and turn that around.

The beauty of exponential growth is that it creates realistic targets on a monthly basis and ends up growing into a healthy amount of income, if you can sustain it.

Budget for this Month $US 91.69

Active Income $62.52
Passive Income $67.06

Total month to date $US 129.58
Total Earnings to Date $US 579.94 or $NZ 852.85

The Famous Five

Last month we started a link program that is second to none, the top 5 referrers of traffic to this blog from the previous month get a link after every post for the next month. Its all about sharing the love!

However a new month has rolled around so it is time to pull out the red carpet for the top 5 referrers of traffic to this Blog from the month of March. Congratulations Mike on taking the Top position and we welcome a new Site to the top 5 Hot Blog Girls!

1. Mike's Money Making Mission
2. Kumiko's Cash Quest
3. How to earn money online?
4. Stratz's Blog
5. Hot Blog Girls

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1dollar said...

I've added you to my blogroll, since our goals are similar.

Mike Perry said...

Thanks for the link again. I hope you're not leading us astray with these Girls!

rob stgeorge said...

1dollar: thanks for that, likewise I have added your site to mine.

Mike: Hotbloggirls is a great site, I hope you enjoy it!