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Friday, March 02, 2007

Exponential Growth - 5 Months down the Track - A Summary

4 or 5 Months ago I read an article on Problogger about exponential growth of Blog Sites - it was this article Making Your Adsense Earnings Grow - Exponential Blogging and it had me thinking. I started doing some calculations on what I had just earned during the Month of October on my sites and figured that this could be a starting point. The amount that I earned in that initial month was $36-85 US dollars.

The beauty of exponential growth is that it creates realistic targets on a monthly basis and ends up growing into a healthy amount of income, if you can sustain it. What really had me thinking was that if I could sustain this model of growth of 20% a month for 30 Months straight I would be earning over $7000 US dollars a month. I don't know how this stacks up in the country you live in, however in NZ it is a very tidy income that could enable my family and myself to live very comfortably indeed.

November came around and I went flat out doing sponsored posts and making money anyway I could, this meant that I had doubled my income quickly however it was taking a lot of effort that simply wasn't creating ongoing returns. I soon figured out the error in the thought process and began trying to reach the target by passive means alone, this meant trying to increase traffic to my sites and spending my time doing this, rather than taking up time writing sponsored posts -however I still had this as a back stop if I needed a few extra bucks to make the target.

This model has really begun to work for me, I have been concentrating on the sites that are showing the most returns, as well as trying to increase the ones that aren't doing enough. Traffic and income is steadily increasing and it is very exciting plotting the figures every month and seeing the growth occur.

February has just finished, and being a short month I was prepared for a difficult one. The target was $76-41 and I am pleased to say that we have come in comfortably over that figure, a full graph of the last 5 months is below, remember where we took a dip was the time where the focus changed from actively earning the dollars - to trying to spend 95% of our time building passive streams by way of increasing traffic to raise the advertising earnings of the sites.

If you are considering doing an exponential growth plan of your own, I highly recommend it and just advise that you take it one month at a time. If you look at it like this you only need to make 20% on what you have just achieved previously so its not that overwhelming really. Focus is important though - failure cannot be an option if you want to follow it through and achieve the dream.

Good luck - let me know what you think of this Exponential Growth Experiment and whether you are keen on doing one of your own.

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