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Saturday, March 03, 2007

MillionNZDollar Weekend Links

Taking a leaf out of Mikes Money Making Mission, I have decided to post a weekly set of links to the favourite articles from the Blogs that I have read during the previous week. The articles are well worth a read.

Make Money By Keeping Visitors On Your Blog This article by Mike Perry goes through some of the ways that he manages to keep visitors on his blog.

Promoting vs Income Greg Stratz talks about 7 things he has come to realize in his short (but busy!) blogging career to date.

What on Earth is a Blog Carnival - And... How Does it Help you Earn Money? Nice article from Shirlene Moore about how Blog Carnivals can help you bring you more traffic, which should in turn relate to more income!

A Review of Kontera - Monetize your website with Contextual In Text Advertising Maki looks at Kontera which seems to co-exist quite nicely with Google AdSense and looks like a great way to add additional monetization to your blog... hmmmm might have to look further into this one!

That's it for this weeks links, if you have written an article that you believe should make it into my weekly links, please let me know and I will check it out. All articles must be original content of course!

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stratz said...

Thanks for the weekend link. I am meanign to talk to you about working something out. give mean email if you have time soon. Not goona tell us your stats $$ wise for february just the bar graph. I was lookign for to seeing some $$ stats.

rob stgeorge said...

Hey Stratz, I will flick you an email. btw you should be able to tell the $$ by the graph within a few bucks anyway.

stratz said...

Yeah I ment to ask if you were going to break it down to where it came fro,? paid post ads? adsense? mylot? any other programs you have running? It was late when i posted that. nice work

PoEt said...

lol that he found on bayb, that i found somewhere else

its contagious

Miriel said...

Hi Rob!
Posting a weekly set of links is a great idea!
If it is ok with you I would love to do the same thing i my blog
Please tell me if you are ok with me doing it as well :)

Best regards

rob stgeorge said...

poet: yeah lol, its great when you can't think of anything to write as well!

miriel: Go for it! thanks for asking lol, however it is not really my idea, just an idea that lots of blogs are already doing.

Rachel. said...

Hey Rob,
Thanks for visiting my blog :)
Have you read the Double Your Way to A Million Plan ?
Lots of "rules" in there that really help !!
Anyway, good luck with your quest. Are you going to start putting up a running total ?


The Doubling Challenge

Free DYWTAM Report

rob stgeorge said...

Rachel thanks for calling by, and it was very interesting reading about your doubling experiment. Yes I have a running total on my sidebar of the million dollar experiment down under to date!

Shirlene said...

Hi Rob,

Thanks for mentioning my blog. I too, have started a "good posts" post (if all that makes sense). Although... I'm a tad lazy, and haven't set mine to a "weekly regime" - it's more an "I'll do it, when I do it" type thing.