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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Money that I have made to date from Payperpost

I have been using PayPerPost for just over 1 month now, and have had approximately $46 US dollars approved for payment. A lot of the posts have been enjoyable to write because they are about things that I would have written about whether compensated or not.

E.g this post is a sponsored one - yet I would have written it anyway because I believe that it is of value to the readers of this site to know how much they can expect to earn from a particular program on their blogs.

At times it takes them several days to approve a post, however they calculate the payment from when you submitted the post - not when it is approved. So although this had me a bit concerned the first couple of posts that I did it is no longer an issue for me because the payment is prompt.

Sometimes if I am struggling to think of something to write about I can go into Payperpost - select an opportunity that I think will add value to the site and not only get ideas about topics but make a few dollars at the same time.

The money that I have earned so far is still sitting in my PayPal account. The wife and I have a weekend away in a couple of weeks without the kids - very rare! So I will keep saving up and maybe go out for a nice dinner or buy a few drinks with the cash that has been collected.