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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Motivation - Or Lack of it - Is there a cure for Laziness?

Often I find it very hard to motivate myself to work on my sites and write articles etc.. I tend to waste away precious time reading other articles about blogging and making money online instead of concentrating on getting my own backyard in order.

I am curious to know if this is a problem that other blogger/online money makers have or am I just lazy? Lately I have been writing task lists for myself that include backup this website, post an article on this blog today and things like that. It seems to help a bit and I feel so much better when I have made a decent contribution to one or more of my sites.

At the moment I have the added task of studying... I have this theory that ( I am studying extramurally) instead of spending hours going through the course materials like a normal person probably would - I spend what little time I have working hard out on the assignments as they tend to cover what is in the course material anyway - then I just have to do a last minute cram for the exam and can normally wing it!

Unfortunately I left school at a young age, so maybe if I had put in a bit more effort back then I would not be faced with studying now - but better late than never.

Anyway I guess its a bit of a weird post - but what I would really like to know is that if you are reading this article, please share how you motivate yourself (if you need to!) and do you have similar issues with getting sidetracked and wasting time.

Thanks and hopefully we can share some good tips for lazy bones people like myself!

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Nenad said...

I also tend to spend more time reading other peoples articles, rather than working on my own... Still trying to get rid of that bad habit, and not get any more.

rob stgeorge said...

Thanks nenad - yes its hard enough surviving with the bad habits we already have - dont need any more!

Mike Perry said...

It's so easy to get sidetracked on the Internet. I've now got into the habit of writing my posts before I do anything else. This way I don't get too distracted.

After doing this, though, I often find I don't do all the promotional stuff I want to as, like you, I start reading other posts and time flies past.


shagaia said...

Yep. I too spend way too much time reading all these blogs and downloading all this free stuff that will help me in my business if I ever get it off the ground. I LOVE the doubling idea. Finding something someone else has discarded (from an aluminum can to whatever)and turning it into ca$h rings my bell. And every time one of you Doublers hits a new step I rejoice. "One of these days" (when I get up the courage) I'm going to set up my own blog. We should have some kind of a party when the first one of us goes over the 1,000 mark.

Kumiko said...


You and/or your readers may be interested in my current competition where you can make money by predicting my future PageRank:


stratz said...


I am a lazy ma aat work IRL. but if I want something or am playing a sport then I can get going. Meh we just have to learn not to gie up and try harder for things. They don;t make humans like they used to. The older generations had it tougher and worked harder and complained less.

rob stgeorge said...

Mike: As always wise words - so your recommendation is to make sure you do your work - before you start playing around.

shagaia: I'm not really a doubler, for me its about making a million by increasing earnings 20 % per month. Exponential Growth! I agree about that party although I think Mike beat us all to it.

Kumiko: Page Rank 5 for sure with the amount of links you have built up.

Stratz: remember the oldies didnt have all this technology to distract them so they had more time on there hands!

Anyway keep the recommendations and advice coming please I am trying to learn from this ways to motivate yourself to write and concentrate more on your blog and websites - please assist by sharing how YOU do it

Mark from Bloglyne said...

This kind of thing stinks... being lazy or getting into that rut is horrible. And it is almost impossible to break the habit.

I find the only cure is to force myself to do something different.

BTW - Kumiko comment is referring to her old site - her new site is at