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Friday, March 16, 2007

March Summary To Date - Budget Nearly Achieved Already!

We are now just over halfway through March, I tried to add another Blog to PayPerPost the other week, but noticed that you needed 10 Approved Posts before you could do this. Hence I churned through a few to get things moving along which gave us a great start to the month. Now we are looking to be well over target so can just concentrate on building traffic and "real" posts.

And to date for March here are the numbers

Budget for this Month $US 91.69

Active Income $46.52
Passive Income $43.92

Total month to date $US 90.44

Total Earnings to Date $US 540.80 or $NZ 795.29

If you missed the last summary all of our sites are now being counted instead of just this one -hence the figures are moving along a bit quicker than normal!

I now have 13 referrals on MyLot aff, the income it is bringing in is quite small, maybe 10 to 20 cents a day. However this is passive income that does not involving covering your blog with adverts!

This month the active income is made of PayPerPost, the passive is MyLot referral income and Advertising e.g AdSense, Banners on sites etc. Passive is what we will be concentrating on for the rest of the month.

Top Five Referrers For February - Great sites that are worth a visit!
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Stratz's Blog
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Tom said...

Hi Rob,
Glad March is going so well and you're set to beat your forecast. Have you had anything to do with Text Link Ads? Their referral program might be another good source of income for you - very competitive prices. I've got a review over at A4D (early Jan archive) if you want more info. Also AdBrite inline ads are working well for me at the moment, so possibly you could try those too.
Keep up the momentum - I'm still an avid reader!

rob stgeorge said...

Thanks Tom, I will have a read. I got a bit peeved with text link ads when they rejected my site, however maybe they are still worth a shot.