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Monday, March 19, 2007

What does a John Chow review mean to your site stats?

Note 19-March-2007 this post has been updated with the latest stats from the harpzon.com blog, hence the "bump" on my site - we have taken another look to see how Mitch is going a couple of weeks after the John Chow review....

I was visiting one of the (many) sites that John Chow has recently done a review on and noticed a sitemeter link down the bottom of the page so thought I would have a look. The answer to the question is quite a lot!

It would be interesting to return back in a couple of weeks to see how many continue to visit the site. Reading the Harpzon.com blog was quite interesting, sounds like a switched on guy. His Blog is only new however is worth a visit.

Update 19- March-2007 Mitch does a guest blog post for John Chow, so I thought it was worth a revisit to his site meter stats, to see how the ongoing visits were looking.

The results are a credit to Mitch really, obviously he is supplying enough content to keep the readers coming back, and has in less than a month scored a great reader base for his blog - looking solid dude keep up the good work!

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Adventures In Money Making said...

how about a link exchange with http://moneyshakerblog.com?

Anonymous said...

Its done, nice Blog