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Sunday, March 18, 2007

MillionNZDollar Weekend Links

Just a couple of links this week - Remember if you have a related site to mine, and write an article that you think the readers of this site would be interested in please let me know.

The Google Bid Gap - Sometimes Less Is More This article is by John Chow and is a must for all those publishers running Google AdSense on their sites.

Headline Remix Madness – Part Two CopyBlogger shows some examples of headlines that have been rearranged to make them a little more eye catching. Very interesting stuff.

I have finally officially submitted my interest to the Join The Blog Traffic Challenge! and are going to be attempting to double my traffic over the next 2 months. You need to join up before the 31st March if you want to be part of this, and what better incentive can there be when it comes to motivating yourself to drive more traffic to your site?

We will explore some ideas over the next couple of weeks

Top Five Referrers For February - Great sites that are worth a visit!
Kumiko's Cash Quest
Mike's Money Making Mission
Stratz's Blog
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How to earn money online?

Curry Focus for Free Delicious Recipes


Michael A. Setyaputra said...

Hi there Rob :)

Thanks for the great article. I've posted a link to it in my today's post. I've also added your blog's link on the sidebar, along with Kumiko and Mike.

I really have a lot to learn from you.

All the best,

Michael Setyaputra