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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Blogspot Title Tags how to Remove Blog Name from the Beginning

The theory of Title Tags we are discussing applies to all websites and Blogs, we show how to fix this behaviour in the Blogger Templates, however if you use Wordpress here is a great little SEO Title Plugin that you can use.

You may have noticed that when you post an article via your blogger dashboard the default title tags append the Blog name to the front of the title. This means that if you have the title "5 ways to Make Money Fast" the actual title as the search engines see it will be...

The Million Dollar Experiment heads Down Under: 5 ways to Make Money Fast

"So what" I can hear you saying - well the facts are that search engines take the title tags very seriously indeed, and they start at the beginning with the first few words being the most important ( or supposedly most relevant ) and then it drops after that as I have illustrated below.

So as you can see we are wasting most of our prime real estate with the title of our Blog and unless you are really famous it is highly likely that any search's that are going to be relevant to your site are more likely to be picked up in the title of your actual Post so we are going to change our Blogger template so that this comes first and the Blog name second.

How to change the Blogger Template to Show title of Post before Blog name on Single Posts
We need to edit the template so head into your Blogger dashboard and click on template then edit html to get access to the code that we need to change. Once you are in there you need to follow the instructions on this post Changing the Blogger Title Tag. All it involves is cutting and pasting some new code.

It worked for me, check out how the title now sits...

How to change the Title of your Main Page
Now this may seem so obvious that its ridiculous however what are the key words that you are using in the main title of your blog... all I had was The Million Dollar Experiment Down Under. Now this was great for people searching for the "million dollar experiment", I was ranking 2nd only to Steve Pavlina for that - however not to many people really search for that on a daily basis. So I have now added the keywords that I am concentrating on to the beginning of the Title. If you look at the main title of my page now it reads Make Money Fast - The Million Dollar Experiment Down Under.
To change this yourself go into the blogger dashboard click on Settings , then Basic and simply add in your keywords to the title of your Blog.

I would advise that you give it a shot, it can only help the search engines pick up on what you are really writing about. Make sure that you back up your template first!

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Grant said...

Great tip.

Thanks - Grant

rob stgeorge said...

Thanks Grant - I'm glad it was of value to you!

Its worth noting that the results of these changes is not going to kick in for a few weeks as well. So don't be to disappointed if things don't happen overnight.

Mike Perry said...

Great post - with lots to think about there. It also shows how important it is to name a blog to it's best advantage. I'm glad I put 'money making' within the first three words of my blog's title - to be honest, though, this was accidental at the time! We learn as we go along.

rob stgeorge said...

Thanks Mike - If only I had thought of these things 7 months ago.....

KidBlogger said...

Hi rob,

I've been on your blog since yesterday and sorry if I contacted you through a comment. I can't find a contact form, sorry :) I like the way your blog goes and I think it would be a good potential to both of use if we could link exchange. I think it would benefit the both of us ;-)

Thanks a lot!:)

Ashok Kumar said...


This is really most valuable information for me. I successfully changed my Blog title. Now my problem is solved. I can not believe this. Yesterday. Google crawling my website only with my post title. Your suggestion is really helpful for me.

Once again, thank you very much my friend. I am expecting similar blog tips form your website.

ChampDog said...

I wonder why blogspot (blogger) wants to put the title in front? Are there any reasons why they want to do that?

Ed Sexton said...

As mentioned in some of the comments, this fix no longer works as you can't have the bsection tag in the head. There is a fix to this though by deleting the title tag entirely and adding the code ABOVE the head tag. Read on blogger forum

I'm not sure if there are any unforseen consequences yet, i've just implemented it so will wait and see...

Picking up Women said...

This means that if you have the title "5 ways to Make Money Fast" the actual title as the search engines see it will be..