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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Google Pagerank Prediction Review of Kumiko's Cash Quest

There are many posts around with Bloggers and Website owners wanting to predict what PageRank they are going to be come the next update - but the truth is that unless you know whatever complex formula it is that Google uses to work out Page Rank then its an educated guess at best.

Kumiko's Cash Quest has a competition going to predict her PageRank and I guess its time that I entered this competition. I am pretty sure that Kumiko's site will end up with a PageRank of 5.

Kumiko and myself have been on the money quest path for around the same time, I think I started a couple of months before her and she was one of the first sites that I exchanged links with.

Things that Rock about her site
The best things that I have seen on Kumiko's website in the 5 months or so that I have been reading are...

  1. AGLOCO Will Not Make Money Online! Ever! Linked to by some of the big names of the Blogosphere this article was probably responsible for really putting Kumiko's site on the map. How ironic that Agloco are still making excuses and forever delaying the launch of their toolbar. I can proudly say I never signed up! (maybe it was because I took heed of this great article)
  2. 6 Lessons Britney Spears Can Teach You About Blogging the Britney Spears Post this was just after the Agloco one, 2 super article hits within a couple of weeks, awesome.
  3. Kumiko has great photoshop skills, check out some of the images in her posts that she has created - all this takes time and effort.
  4. Kumiko is not afraid to say whats on her mind, some of her posts are a bit controversial however I think thats great - it certainly keeps me returning to her site.

Things that don't rock
I don't really have any negatives to say about Kumiko's Blog shes cool - if I had to say one thing it would be to much Pink!

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Kumiko said...

Thanks Rob! You're entered in the comp!

Mark from Bloglyne said...

Wrote a review for Kumiko at

FYI... Kumiko's new site is at