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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Blog for Money with Smorty

Smorty is a get paid for blogging company that I have recently joined. They have a nice modern interface and its easy to navigate through the site.

Sign Up
Signing up was a painless process and my blog was approved in a matter of hours which was particularly impressive.

Smorty's posts will pay you a minimum of 6 dollars for a post and they need to be at least 150 words with a maximum of 400. Only one outgoing link should be supplied in the article and that should be to the anchor text supplied. One small issue that I found that was with any of the opportunities that I was looking at it was not really clear what the actual anchor text was meant to be so I could only assume that it was the title of the opportunity - once you go to submit the article it then tells you which anchor text to use. I think it should tell you as part of the details of the opportunity.

They don't appear to have a great deal of opportunities available right now however hopefully this will improve as they solidify their position in the "blog advertising" arena.

Smorty's pay weekly by Paypal which is great, I prefer to be paid either weekly or fortnightly personally as its a pain holding out a month for payments which some pay post companies tend to do.

Nice clean site with a professionally look and feel - a site I plan to be using frequently in the months ahead as we continue on our mission.