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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Make Quick Money with BloggerWave

Bloggerwave are looking for Bloggers. I have recently joined them as part of my ongoing mission to make money fast online.

Sign up
Sign up was a breeze and both of the blogs that I submitted to them were approved within 24 hours.

Although not many opportunities they do pay a bit better than a lot of Paid to Blog type sites so this was pleasing to see. It looks like they are going to have a lot more opportunities coming up soon (they are quite new on the scene)

BloggerWave pay monthly via PayPal, its good to think ahead when you are making money online and getting paid monthly is a great way to ensure that you reach the targets that you set yourself for the month ahead. It helps to run your Blog like a business if you are serious about making money online so its important to ensure constant cash flow is coming in.

So far from what I have seen from this site its all looking great. The site is quick, and easy to use and they have some great paying opportunities. I hope they manage to get more as I will certainly be looking for work from this site.


Tom said...

Great find Rob. You don't say whether you've accepted an offer from them or indicate the sort of tasks they have. Any more info would be appreciated.

rob stgeorge said...

hi tom, sorry for the lack of info - I have accepted an offer from them and are currently awaiting approval on it. They have another couple of opportunities available to me at the moment, one is for a business search engine, the other is a private equity company. I joined with 2 blogs and they accepted both of them, so that I guess doubles the offerings in a way. Hopefully they continue to get more opportunities as its all looking good so far.