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Friday, June 01, 2007

Blog Mastermind - Free EBook

For weeks I have been waiting in eager anticipation for the launch of Yaro Staraks Blog Mastermind Program. He is going to show Bloggers how to make a full time living from Blogging part time and I will be joining his program as I believe it is an investment in my future. Yaro is giving away a free 55 page Ebook as part of promoting the launch of his site and I highly recommend that you download it. I have been following Yaro's Blog for months and have found incredible value in just about everything he has ever written about blogging.

The Free Ebook

Let me Take You 'Behind The Scenes' Of My Blogging Empire And I'll Show You How I make a Full Time Income Blogging Part Time...

Click here to download the Blog Profits Blueprint

The Blog Mastermind Programme
The Blog Mastermind Programme includes special e-lessons, pod casts and other material that will help you turn your part time blogging ventures into a full time money making machine. Yaro has been there and done it, and will share his methods with you and assist you along the path. Member only forums are provided where you can ask Yaro questions specific to your situation and I intend to make full use of this medium.

The Blog Mastermind Programme launches next week, Yaro talks more about it in the video clip at the end of the E-Book if you are interested in learning more - or check out the Blog Mastermind Site.

About Yaro

Yaro is a young entrepreneur from
Australia and currently makes several thousand dollars a month from his Blog site. He has created managed and sold several Internet business's since 1998 so has a wealth of experience and knowledge which he shares both via his blog and in depth with the pupils of his Blog Mastermind program.


stratz said...

Hey Mate

Just wondering how your referral earning from mylot were going? still slowely earning off them? I have 3 but they don;t earn a thing

rob stgeorge said...

Its funny you should ask, I was just looking at my mylot earnings. Last month I earned 30 cents and I have 19 referrals under me but only about 1 or 2 active ones. Its a joke really!

stratz said...

yeah but it makes you think what a forum that is active could really make you a month....

Lets see how long it takes MMMtalk to get to 100 registers users...