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Friday, June 01, 2007

May Summary of The Million Dollar Experiment Down Under

9 Months ago our exponential growth experiment began. It seemed simple at first after making just over $30 in month 1, however now that we are at month 9 and heading into month 10 it is starting to become a whole new ball game.

In the last 2 months this experiment has pulled in over $500 US dollars and that in itself is not to bad when you consider that this has only been a part time operation for me as I work full time and have a young family.

From the second week of June due to my work situation changing slightly (I am cutting down on my hours to spend more time with that family of mine) I hope to be able to dedicate a little more time to my online endeavours and with the targets that I have ahead of me as I head towards the 30th Month where the target is $7289!

Traffic & top referrers this Month
I have decided to create a separate page for the links that I have to the like minded blogs that I recommend you visit. What I am going to do is that instead of linking to the top 5 referrers to this site time and time again after each article (which is starting to get a bit spammy) is list them on the front page of my site. One of the reasons that I am doing this is your page can actually get penalized for having to many off site external links on it - and we don't want this so a new page has been set up. If you have a blog site linking to lots of other fellow bloggers from your front page I recommend that you do the same. You are still providing a link of course.

Congratulations to the following 5 sites that have earned a month of front page linking from the Make Money Fast Million Dollar Experiment Down Under

1. Make Money Online
2. Stratz's Blog
3. Mike's Money Making Mission
4. Successful Blogging With Random Shock
5. Elizabeth Rose

June is the final month for this site in the Blog Traffic Challenge, I really need to crank the numbers in June if I am to reach the goal that I set myself a couple of months ago which was to double the traffic that this site had in March. As you can see from the sitemeter stats below we are in with a chance however we need to pull out all stops!! I think a killer article needs to be written this month that gets a fair bit of linking in order to pull this one out of the bag.

Money Money Money
Money has not been a problem lately - time is more of the immediate issue and the month of May had the best start possible where we won a competition on Kumiko's site which contributed $30 US dollars to our fund. (which we then donated to charity). Its been a better month contextually with advertising working away nicely and of course once again we have been making up the numbers with a variety of paid posts. Gearing up for the months ahead I have started a couple of new Blogs and also began tidying up some of my sites.

Anyway you want to know specifics, this month we earned $250

Passive: $90.63
Active: $160

Google Adwords - Amazon Astores
This month we also started experimenting with Amazon Astores as landing pages for Google Adword campaigns and went about this in a product specific matter. At this point in time we have had little success with this model with the main issue being not getting the click throughs that we need. It has only cost just over 1 dollar to date and we have not earned a thing from it. I will continue to experiment with this however - stay tuned for further details in the weeks and months ahead.


stratz said...

Hey what do you mean penalized? how did you find this out and from who??

Anonymous said...

I think it was a podcast by that first alluded me to it. Its ok to have a few links to related sites but to many (noone knows the exact number) will do you more harm than good - google will just think you are out swapping links as fast as you can however prefers natural links. Check out and for examples of other bloggers that have likely done something similar, however I am only guessing their reasons.

Clip said...

Hey thanks for the mention in the top referrers list, love your blog and Mikes blog, the only two I visit on a daily basis.

Anonymous said...

Hey clip - THANK YOU! - you've been feeding a ton of traffic this way lately. Glad you like the blog. I also visit Mikes Blog everyday!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the link to my site in your top referrers. Much appreciated!! Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

No probs Sandra, its a pleasure! I also just went and signed up under your affiliate link for bucks4banners, so will give that a shot, sounds good!

stratz said...

Blah give her the 10 pounds.. I could have sworn I mentioned them a few weeks ago.. maybe I am wrong.

Anonymous said...

stratz: Whoops sorry! oh well, better luck next time.