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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

How to Increase your Opportunities in PayPerPost

Lately every time I have been into PayPerPost there has only been about one opportunity available to me - this is a bit of a concern as in about a week I am cutting down to full time work of only 3 days a week so I need to get my hands on every extra dollar that I can.

The reason I am cutting down on my full time work is primarily so that I can spend more time with my young family. They are only little kids for a very brief snapshot of time so I want to make the most of it.

Anyway I have another Blog which doesn't really do much and it has its own domain and is a wordpress blog. The blog is so I thought that as that is now over 90 days and has a pagerank of 3 I would submit it to PayPerPost and see how things were looking. The main reason I thought that I was not getting many offers was the fact that this site is on a blogspot domain and a lot of advertisers don't seem that keen on that.

My Sir Blogger site was approved today and I eagerly logged into PPP and as suspected the amount of available opportunities had jumped from 1 to 34! This was great I quickly did a sponsored post on my Sir Blogger site and the checked some settings and noticed that this site did not have even one category selected - this was the primary reason that I only had one available opportunity. Anyway I selected a couple of relevant categories and now I suddenly have 48 available opportunities.

Things are looking up - so if you have a similar issue log in and check that you have suitable categories selected for your site. Also it can pay to install the PPP tools as some advertisers require that.

Or stop delaying and get that domain name and wordpress blog underway - it will start paying for itself in no time at all!

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Cash Quests said...

True, but you've got to be careful. If PPP think you've written a post and your blog isn't in the required category, they'll reject it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kumiko - I think in my case the issue was I did not have any categories at all - however a word of caution don't choose categories that are not relevant to your blog.