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Monday, May 28, 2007

Keyword Density - SEO for Bloggers

Keyword density is something that you may or may not of heard of. When it comes to the SEO optimization of a page it should be right up there with title tags. We are going to explore in this article how Keyword Density can be used in the battle to optimize the content of your site for search engines.

What is Keyword Density?
Keyword Density is the number of times that a keyword is shown on a page in comparison to other words. Search Engines use this as part of their algorithm to determine a pages ranking or relevance to a particular keyword search.

What is the best Keyword Density?
Well unfortunately noone really knows however if you overdo it the search engines will think you are spamming and then you will really take a hit. One method that you can use to get an idea of the ideal keyword density for your keywords is to check a few URLs for keyword denstiy from the top results that are showing up on Google.

One handy tool lets you type in up to 5 URLs and it will do a comparison on them all. I have run this on my favourite term "Make Money Fast" and the results are as below.

Now we can see from the results that the first couple of sites (which are number 1 and 2 in the google search results for the term "Make Money Fast" mention the term a lot more than what my site does, for me it could certainly pay to increase the density of this term on my site.

A Word of Warning
Be very careful when doing this, increase the density very gradually, dont just go and match whatever the top site is, as the search engines could punish you and that won't help your cause at all - my suggestion is to gradually increase the density over a few weeks and constantly monitor your results with a tool like the one we looked at in this article -Tracking Keywords - Bloggers Toolkit Series

Keyword Density is one of the major contributing factors to a good search engine ranking for your given words. Something I will be keeping a very close eye on in the future.

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