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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Landing Page PPC - Amazon Astore Experiment Continued...

2 Days ago we created an Amazon Astore to be used as a kind of landing page for a PPC experiment - its been an interesting ride so far and I have come across a few things already that I think its worthwhile sharing.

Google AdWords
You can set up multiple ads for a single campaign on Google AdWords. This means that if you set up your Landing page with 5 different types of Beer for example, you could create a campaign of Beer and set up a different advert for each beer type. This helps to qualify the click throughs. The way I go about it is to try and attract the most specific traffic that I can - surely this must help the conversion rate.

Budget - you can set a budget for each campaign that you are running. At the moment I am now running four campaigns and each has a budget of one dollar a day - this stops it running away on you if you pick a really popular keyword!

Its very efficient so far I have had hundreds of impressions but only one click through - this means I can slowly raise my bid until I am getting the required amount of click throughs and keep adjusting it from there. Its better to start bidding low for keywords and work your way up - there is also a keyword traffic estimator tool which helps predict what kind of placements your adverts will get.

Trademarks - In the Google Adwords adverts that you set up you can't use words that are trademarked like "Nike" or "Amazon" in the text of the advert. Also you can't make unproven claims like "Number 1" or "the Best" if however you believe you should be able to you can request an exception - I gather an actual Human would come into the process if you chose this option.

Country - think about the country you are wanting to target. If your landing page is an Amazon US Astore its probably best to only target United States Google Searches. This is configurable when you set up your AdWords campaign.

Amazon Astores
You can set each Astore up under a different affiliate tracking ID, this is recommended of course so you can see what systems are working best for you.

Astores can actually end up ranking on Google - so think carefully about the title and keywords that you use in the text when you are creating your stores.

You can have up to 100 Astores set up under your affiliate id. Each Astore can include a link back to your website - think about that for a while.... I don't actually link back at this point in time because I want the visitors to buy something, not surf off to check out a blog site.

I think it will take at least 7 to 10 days before I can get some decent data on this experiment - stay tuned for updates

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My name is Tommy. said...

I thought I'd check to see if you had an update to this story.

I'm helping my 7 year old son grow an online lego business. He is doing a 'lego show' where he does video reviews of his lego sets, and where he shares his lego creations. ( ). It's basically a blog, with his videos hosted on youtube.

We put up an astore, which is entirely focused on legos.

I'd love to hear more about your experience, now that you have 5 additional months of history on your experiment. (If you are infact still experimenting) :-)


Anonymous said...

Well basically I made a few pounds initially, however then I kept going for a while but got no more conversions so canned it and haven't revisited it.

I plan to try it again though, as I am sure it has potential, so will keep you posted!

Maybe you should try it, set a budget of $10 and let us know how you get on.

My name is Tommy. said...

I just put a budget of $5/day on the word 'legos'. So far, we've got about 70 some clicks in a day that goes directly to the lego astore
(and not to the blog ). We won't be able to see what converts until tomorrow on the astore, as their reporting is 1 day off.

Too bad you can't add google analytics to the astore. That would be valuable information to know.

My son is learning a boatload about online marketing. (Just what his 7 year old brain needs eh?) lol .

Anonymous said...

I guess if your aim is to sell lego you are probably better qualifying your traffic a little better, e.g go for words like "buy lego" that way you will filter out all the visitors that are interested in lego, but perhaps not buying it. Also you can make your title something like "buy lego now" again to increase your chances of snagging someone that really wants to buy lego. Anyway thats my 2 cents worth! Its easy to waste money on clicks that don't convert.

My name is Tommy. said...

I just bought the domain name . It seems to get a fair amount of traffic.

I'll just forward that domain name to the a-store, and optimize it a bit. Maybe I'll get up in natural search results.

My name is Tommy. said...

And... just to add. The first days clicks of 70 something, didn't convert to a sale on aStore. If astore had a 3% conversion, we would have had 2 sales.

Also, it's interesting to note that while Google had 72 clicks that I paid for, astore only logged 21 clicks. (Unless that is a stat that is not incoming to the store, but rather clicks within the store... I don't know. They don't clarify in their glossary).

Google analytics sure would be helpful on astore!

Display Cases For Baseballs said...

Never thought about article marketing for my astore. Thanks!