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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Landing Pages - Can they Make Money Fast?

One of the problems when trying to make money from a Blog or a website is that if you don't have a product that you are actually selling then it can be extremely difficult to make anything more than pocket money unless of course you have an extremely high amount of traffic.

One way that Internet Marketers DO make money is by selling a product (their own or as an affiliate) and there are of course a lot of ways of doing it. One way is to create a landing page for the product that you are trying to sell and then setting up a PPC campaign to drive qualified traffic to the site. As the traffic is looking for what you are selling theoretically it should not be to hard to convert the visits into money - that's the theory and some people seem to do it very well indeed.

My Landing Page Experiment and Colossal Budget
Fortunately I am already set up with Google AdWords as I have used them in the past to promote some of my other sites. I am going to try a small experiment and see if I can make a profit with a pay per click campaign. I have set a budget of 1 dollar a day which if all goes well could potentially bring me around 15 click throughs a day. I will run it for 20 days and then reassess.

The Product
I have set up an Amazon Astore page with a particular product that I found. It has a large number of people searching for it when I check the tool however when I type the product into Google there are not many sponsored adverts meaning I should be able to get some cheap clicks.

The AdWord Campaign
I have created highly targeted keyword advertisements for specific phrases related to this product and they are sent straight to my astore page. Luckily for me the adverts I have bought are very cheap - I have set up four in the advert campaign each targeted to a specific version of the product. I am only paying between 6 and 7 cents a click NZ so thats only about 4 cents US. I only need a small conversion amount probably about 5 percent to make money.

The AStore Page - My Landing Page
I have set this page up with a very simple format, there is simply 9 photo products with about 4 variations. The ads I have created are specific for these 4 variations to help both the price of the clicks and the conversion rate. By this I mean that if I was selling Blue Pens I would have blue pens on the astore page and the advert would say Blue Pens. You would pay a lot more for just pens and likely get a lot less conversions because the person might actually be after crimson pens.

The Unknown
I have never tried a campaign like this before - I have no idea how much traffic I am going get and what kind of conversions (if any) they will turn into. If this works I can see MASSIVE potential however it can't be this easy surely - or everyone would be doing it.

I will post updates as and when I get them. Below are a couple of sites I visited in my research about landing pages.

Creating Landing Pages that Convert

Seal the Deal: 10 Tips for Writing the Ultimate Landing Page

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stratz said...

yeah this sounds interesting.. let us know if it works and if you are going to set up many more?

rob stgeorge said...

No probs I will keep you updated. So far I have now set up 3 campaigns with 3 landing pages (astores)

Roo said...

Good luck with the 'experiment' will be interesting to see if it returns results. These should show pretty quickly as the tracking is updated daily on astores so you should be able to analyze the page impressions and click thru rate!
You may want to take a look at what else you can do with astores, the features they have given to astores are amazing, text links, banners, product links, etc. Have a look at my astore tutorial for some more ideas and examples.

Rob StGeorge said...

Thanks roo - heading over to check out your site now.

Linc said...

Will look forward to the results of this experiment. As a next step you might want to look at our startup effort, ( Like an aStore, our bStore allows you to create a landing page for products. The difference is a bStore allows you to make "retailer-size" profits rather than being limited to affiliate markups. We're just beginning so we may not have the exact products you want yet but give us time.