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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Creamaid - not for this Blogger

As part of building up the definitive list of paid post sites I wandered along and had a look at creamaid. Now creamaid is a little different from other paid post sites and to be honest its pretty damn confusing (plus misleading) so I have decided not to add it to the list. I want the list to be one where if you are interested in getting paid for your blog posts you can just work through the sites, sign up and start earning money. Creamaid took me a long while to get my head around and then when I tried to actually do a post the one that I tried which even though it said it was available wasn't. I had spent nearly 40 minutes looking through the opportunities and trying to figure out who was actually going to pay me so ended up giving up.

I'm going to work you through how I tried to use the site and you can make your own opinion as to whether its worthwhile or not. Anyway you don't appear to actually join the site you just choose an opportunity from the apparently plenty supplied. I chose an SEO consultants site and was planning on writing an article as to what SEO consultants could do for a companies website. This is why I thought it would be available...

Displayed opportunity

Now I thought that I could write a great article regarding this, especially after reading the more information as below. I could really fit this into the content of of my site - and make some money to boot.

Your mission should you choose to accept it

However when I press the button, all excited about this new tree of money that I have discovered I get creamaids version of a "Dear John" letter...

Oh Dear...

Anyway enough time wasted for me - time that could be spent making some fast money from the other sites on the list.

In the interests of all - and because I believe in taking one for the team I tried again with one that seemed so boring that surely noone would want to post an article on it. This one was titled "Job Hunting for Sign Language Interpreters" however I had exactly the same result. Maybe some companies just do this to get traffic for their sites. If so creamaid need to clamp down on it ASAP as Bloggers are just going to get annoyed and take their posts somewhere else. I am of the opinion that if there are no posts available it shouldn't be displayed for all to see as having posts available - however they are still in beta so maybe this is just some kind of bug.

Anyway I would be interested in hearing your story if you have written a post for creamaid and how easy was it? For now they are not going to get onto my list.

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jay said...

You're dead right, but I discovered that though it seems a bit crap at first, you can play it to your advantage. I think that they are a bit mean allowing 'opportunities' to be displayed where there is no chance of actually taking part - like you, I was all geared up to do the SEO one...
The breakthrough for me was the email function - you can opt to have opps emailed to you, and it works... Now my first email coincided with a nice opp for $10 with $2 referrals, I completed the opp and because I was in at the beginning ('cos I got emailed) I had three referrals for a grand total of $16...

Initially like you, I was inclined to dismiss them out of hand, but feel obliged to point out then when it works, it can work quite well - I wish they would raise the lower limit up a little from the lowly $1 though...I'm cheap, but I'm not that cheap!!