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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Online Auctions - Open a second hand store with Auction Ads

There's been a lot of talk about Auction Ads of late - one blogger at least appears to be doing very well out of them - Auction Ads - Reader Reviews . My blog gets a great click through rate on the ads (you can see these adverts on the left sidebar), however to date the money earned has been quite minimal. If you have a niche market in mind that could be related to something that sells well on eBay it could be worthwhile setting up a site around this and filling it up with Auction Ads and get writing some unique and quality content about the product.

I myself intend to start up a few blogs like this however are going to have to wait for a few weeks to get into it when I have a bit more time on my hands.

Setting up Ads for your site
To set up the ad script for your site the easiest way to explain would be that it is similar to setting up AdSense code - however less clicks to get there. Its dead easy.

You can run them alongside Google Adsense because they are not contextual, (The Auction ads that are served to your site are determined by keywords that you type in at set-up time.)

Affiliate Program
The affiliate program that Auction Ads run is fantastic, just by displaying the ad code on your site you are automatically becoming a referrer as well, if any clicks through to Auction Ads from your site a 30 days referral cookie is placed on their PC. As an affiliate you will earn...

a bonus 2% of all revenue generated by that user for the 6 months

Sounds like a good deal for minimum effort. I can definitely see Auction Ads becoming a large part of my online income in the future - I'm planning on targeting some specific second hand type niche markets and try and get these sites ranking well on Google - visitors should convert very well as the products that they will see auctions for will be the very items they have just searched for.

If you have been running with Auction Ads how have you found them to date? It would be great to get your comments so we can see which kind of sites they are best suited to.

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