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Friday, May 04, 2007

Make Money Fast Idea of the Week

Hidden away in the dark depths of many of our Blogs are a number of articles that may be ok to read and informative however they really never made it with the search engines so were not great hits. Most of us when starting out probably didn't spend a lot of time thinking about SEO optimized titles when we wrote these and if they were a hit it was probably in some ways blind luck.

On my Job Search Blog I have been moving some old posts over to my new Wordpress Blog one at a time and reposting them with SEO optimized Titles. Basically I have been going to this site typing in a keyword and using terms that are highly sought after. I really believe that long term this is going to prove very effective. Alot of my early articles had pretty lame titles that were not particularly well thought out.

The Job Search Blog:

Anyway suddenly the light switched on and I thought that maybe it would be a good idea to go through some of my early posts on this site and also optimize them as this could help increase search engine traffic to this site.

So to sum up go through your old posts - use Google Analytics or similar to find out which articles are not ranking well (don't mess with the ones that are!) and SEO optimize the titles as well as some of the content with high ranking keywords. That way in the months to come you will pick up a lot more search engine traffic and it will aid your quest to Make Money Fast!

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