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Monday, June 04, 2007

Bloggerwave do pay - more news on Sponsored Post Sites

Just to let you know the site Bloggerwave does pay its bloggers, I read a lot of articles about people concerned about not getting paid so was a little concerned especially as I had included them in my definitive guide to sponsored post sites. However a couple of days ago I received the below into my paypal account, so I have posted the below as proof of that payment.

Maybe they have had some teething issues, however they shouldn't be written off just yet. For now they stay on my list - if anyone has had recent problems however please let me know.

I recently did a small job for Blog To Profit and they also paid me very promptly, its a bit of a strange set up however so I am going to wait until they contact me again before I add them to the list.

Still on the lookout
Remember we are always on the lookout for new sponsored sites to review and add to the list, so if you know of one that isn't on the list and not mentioned in the comments of that article, then please let us know.

Sponsored Posts are not the only way
Now you may think that I spend to much of time worrying about sponsored posts but for me they are a short term solution to my money making project, longer term I am intent on building quality sites and blogs that will earn passive income. If you don't believe me check out my Job Search Blog - not one sponsored post! I now have about 9 sites on the go, so are trying to diversify the income streams as much as possible. For me sponsored posts are a backup plan, and for now a great source of cash.

How much can be earned a month from Sponsored Posts?
I think that a dedicated sponsored post writer, with a couple of blogs could quite easily make 200-300 US dollars a month if they are prepared to put the time into it. Other bloggers may think that you are selling your soul , however of course that is their problem the choice is yours and if you want to earn some money for your time you have every right to do so.

How much are you making from Sponsored Posts?
I am very interested to know how much other bloggers are earning from sponsored posts, so please leave me a general indication of how much you are currently making on an average month from sponsored posts, which company you mainly use or alternatively let me know if you are not into them at all and if so why not?

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