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Monday, June 04, 2007

How to Remove No Follow from Blogspot Comments

Finally I have decided to remove the no follow tag from my comments, the no follow tag is added by default in Blogspot blogs so that all the spam comments are not indexed. I personally moderate each comment myself so spam won't be an issue for me or for Google from this blog. I found the information to do this from this post Removing NoFollow from Blogger styled layouts however have tried to break it down into five basic steps - its a good idea to back up your template before carrying out any modifications to it.

5 steps to remove from your template

1./ Click on Layout for the relevant blog in your blogspot template

2./ Click on Edit HTML

3./ Tick the expand widgets box and do a search for nofollow

4./ Delete the line that says rel = 'nofollow' there were two of them in my template, one for back links, one for comments. I just removed the one for comments. (this is the one that has the code next the line

5./ Save Template

Why did I remove it?
Basically I have removed the nofollow tag to provide more value for visitors to this site - its an incentive that will hopefully result in more comments on my posts. Part of what convinced me to do this was this post Never See "0 Comments" On Your Site Again...Guaranteed!

I will post a future article on the effect that this has on my blog comments, remember if your comment is not related to my article and just a plug for your own site it will not get displayed anyway - all authentic comments will get displayed.

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Cash Quests said...

Hi Rob! I've updated my post with a link to this post at the end. Thanks for explaining it all in such a simple way!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Kumiko - its certainly one of the easier modifications that I have made to date!

Anonymous said...

Well blow me down. You said more with less than I could have ever done. I do tend to get a little long winded. :)

Thanx for the link Rob, appreciate it. My link above is for the Classic FTP Blogger for this hack.

Unfortunately, Blogspot hosted Classic blogs are SOL -- unless Blogger will allow for an option in the Settings dashboard. Don't see that happening. Maybe if we grab the DoFollow community and put up half-page ad in the NY Times ... yeah right!

Anonymous said...

Ronnie: No probs, your article was the most thorough I could find and I found it pretty straightforward to follow, so don't worry it wasn't to long winded!

Anonymous said...


It seems that you have inspired kumiko to remove no-follow tag from her blog :)

i will try removing the nofollow tag from my site too ... probably will have to edit the template :)

Gary said...

Thanks for this, I'm going to try this on my blog now. :)

Anonymous said...

gautam: Actually Kumiko inspired me!

gdog: No probs, and good luck with changing your template!

LadyJava said...

Thanks for this fantastic blog entry! Very clear and easy to follow. I've implemented at my site at Ladyjava's Cash Online.


Anonymous said...

Thanks ladyjava, I am glad you found it easy to follow, I'm off to check out your site now.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rob,

Thanks for this easy explaination and the importance of removing the no follow thing :)

I have just removed it from my blog...but wanted to make sure I did it right, where there was a space between the ">" and the last phrase when I removed it, so I removed the space too...I think that won't matter righ?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Roseate, normally html just ignores spaces anyway, so should be fine.



Anonymous said...

Thanks...I am glad it was fine.

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Chris Brown said...

I "think" I removed the "no follow" comments, but when I switched from old blogger template to a new template, I'm not positive that the new blogger template didn't put them back in there. Do you know of a way I could double check??
Chris Brown
Branding & Marketing blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris I had a look at the source code of your page and it looks like the no - follow is still present, so if you follow (excuse the pun ) the article you should be able to remove it.

Anonymous said...

Howdy, Rob! Its good to find you again. I am trying to outwit Blogger/ Google and trying something that might work.

Anonymous said...

Hey cybercelt, nice to catch up with you again!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Kher Cheng Guan said...

i know this is an old post. I came to know about your site and this "How To Remove No Follow from Blogspot Comments". I'm using the old template and I managed to locate the the one for linkback, but not the one you mentioned [near the comment author]. Please help.

id="c $BlogCommentNumber$" a name="c<$BlogCommentNumber$

Thank you in advance.

Anonymous said...

I am still using the classic blog so I am SOL as another person said.
My template was customised by someone else and moving it to the new system has proved beyond my coding abilities lol.

Amit said...

Hi Rob george, I saw your post when I googled removing no follow tag in blogspot and I did the same on my blog though not all the blogs .
The question is then if I leave the comment here would it be considered a link to my blog and which one

Anonymous said...

HI... thanks for the info. I'm new in blogger.

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Yinsi Yat said...

Wonderful tips! I have removed the nofollow in my comments and backlinks. When I check the page source the nofollow is still there.I wondered if I did it correctly.My blog is

indian classified said...

nice tutorial i have checked this on my blog its working. thanks

lirik said...

very great and informative post. thanks a lot for sharing it.