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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Have You Found Your Niche?

Most professional Bloggers will tell you that you need to find your niche, there is no point just being another money making blog these days because although you can make beer money like this you probably won't hit it big unless you are extremely good.

The fact is that there is just too much competition, if you want to make a business out of your blog or website you need to carve yourself a niche where you don't have every man and his dog fighting for the same revenue.

For myself I have been trying to work out where to aim for my niche for a long time, and as I always like to share whats been going on here are some of things I have been thinking about whilst trying to find my little market segment.

Find something that you can be passionate about
This is very important, if you have a blog that you cannot put your all into then you are going to struggle long term to continue creating quality content for it. If you are passionate about something however it is not a chore - its enjoyable and rewarding.

Use what you have learned so far
Your existing sites and blogs have likely taught you a great deal, from SEO to marketing. I know for myself its been a crash course in Internet Marketing for me over the last year or two. When you are ready to get serious you need to draw on all this experience and bring it into play.

You MUST get your own domain and hosting
Even if you started making thousands of dollars out of your Blogspot blog, its important to realize that you don't own it. Blogger could simply shut you down and suddenly you would have nothing and have to start from scratch. This could conceivable be years of hard work down the drain and its to valuable to risk so you really need to get your own domain going on.

Be professional
Its easy to fill your site up with adverts and affiliate links, but when you find the niche that you want to make into a long term and stable business I think you need to start out concentrating on content and take it easy on the monetizing at least in the short term.

There are thousands of niches that are yet to be filled, whether its you or someone else that does it thousands and thousands of dollars will be made over the years to come. So many ways exist to monetize a popular site that given a certain level of decent traffic it is just a matter of trying different methods to earn the best income that you can from it - as well as providing the best quality of content to your site visitors.

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