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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

mmm.... talk - Make Money Forums

Greg "Stratz" has newly opened for all the mmmtalk make money forum. As part of promoting the launch of this new site Greg is having a competition where if you link to the forums you will get a couple of link backs (one from his blogspot blog and one from the mmmtalk blog) as well as go into a draw for a brand new webcam.

Now Greg's a pretty good guy, I have had a bit to do with him over the last few months and he's one of those people that will do anything for you. I have given him a bit of a hand assisting with the advertising set up on his site and its been a blast. We haven't quite got there with sorting out AdSense sharing yet however you can enter your Amazon banner code into your user profile and it will get displayed on the site.

As far as the AdSense sharing goes this is on the cards but needs to be very carefully implemented to ensure that all Googles TOS are adherred to.

If you want to join the forums competition you can read the Competition details on the site, theres also banners available that you can place on your site and by doing so Greg will place you in an additional monthly draw.

I will be hanging around the forums a bit, so it would be great to catch up with you there, lets share our money making ideas and see just how far we can get.

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