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Monday, June 18, 2007

How to make $600 US Dollars a Month Part Time Blogging

For me the last 10 months have been a lesson in goal setting, if you had said to me in October last year that in nine short months I would have the processes in place to make US $600 in one month I would have probably laughed it off and not taken you very seriously at all.

This month I am at day 18 and I have accrued US $358.25 cents, mainly because I had set a goal to earn 20 dollars a day for the first seven days, however once I had achieved this ( read about this here Seven Days - 140 US Dollars - staying focused )I thought, that's not to hard - lets just carry on for a whole month. Once you do this for a whole month its simple arithmetic to work out that its going to add up to around $600 dollars.

When I say accrued I mean that it has not all been paid to me, however that is what I have earned and is currently going to be paid to me from the work I have done for that time period.

Some of this money will not be paid to me until next month, so much of the money will not be counted in my end of month summary as I do not count money until it has been paid out to me. (except for Google AdSense)

Here are some methods you can use to do the same...

1./ Set an achievable daily budget for yourself
Remember this needs to be achievable, there is no point setting yourself a budget of 100 dollars a day if you simply do not have the process's in place to achieve this. You need to be realistic. Think about doing what you already are now more consistently rather than heading for big numbers.

2./ Go like a bat out of hell and try to get a good start
You will quickly become despondent if you do not get out of the blocks fast, its really important to split your time period up into smaller blocks and try and blow away your first target. The more you make at the beginning means less pressure throughout the rest of the month.

3./ Work smarter not harder
A lot of my money is made by doing sponsored posts for the likes of and others. Now often I will go in to PPP and there will be no decent opportunities, however instead of spending to much time on writing a $5 post (unless I am desperate of course!) I will move on to other things and keep checking back until a 15 dollar or 10 dollar opportunity shows up and then nab that instead. Normally it is the same amount of work or thereabouts for double or triple the money.

4./ Don't fret the small things
I had one day last week when I was starting to stress a bit, I had not made much money however the next day I absolutely creamed it and made three days worth in one day. Sometimes its important just to chill out and let opportunities present themselves.

5./ Try not to be distracted from your task
Its easy to surf sites, and generally much around wasting time on the Internet, what I suggest is that you do your work first (i.e make your target) then you can spend time having fun. Otherwise you end up feeling a bit guilty.

6./ Diversify your income streams
Try not to be to reliant on one income source, I probably have at least fifteen different avenues that I can chase to reach my targets, that way if one stream isn't going to deliver for you on a certain day, you just switch to another one.

Well if you want to make your target dollars in the next four weeks its time to stop reading about how other people are achieving their goals, you need to set some for yourself and get into it. Come back and see me in four weeks and tell me how well you did!

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Clip said...

Nice post, I find setting goals for my blogs very hard as I am very easily distracted.

So I think I'm going to set a goal right now for MPL to triple its google traffic within a month.

From about 8000 a month to about 24000 a month, this should triple my income as well.

I think some good keyword and competitor research is needed here. Knock some old crusty sites from the results hehe.

rob stgeorge said...

Thanks Clip, that certainly sounds like a worthy goal to go for, you will have no time to get distracted as I would say it will take a fair bit of effort.

Mike Perry said...

Good advice! A clear objective is one of the secrets to success.

stratz said...

Yeah very nice advice. I still need to stay focus and on track I get side tracked sometimes and it is not good. I like your posts here a lot they are to the point and very helpful.

but I hate having to pu tin that word verification everytime I want to leave a comment

rob stgeorge said...

Stratz, I understand this is hard for you, especially with your spelling issues lol. But thanks for making the effort.

bangambiki said...

Inspiring, i came her looking for how to make 600 dollars a month and i think you helped me a lot