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Friday, June 08, 2007

Seven Days - 140 US Dollars - staying focused

For most of you that follow this experiment in exponential growth you will know that if nothing else I am one determined Blogger and when it comes to making money online I have found that often a simple stop at nothing frame of mind can return great results.

For the first seven days of this month I have attempted one way or another to accrue at least $20 US per day and I am pleased to say that at the end of seven days I have managed to do this with an end result of just over $145.24 US dollars.

How have I done this? Well here is exactly how.

1./ Passive Income from Google Adsense and TextLink Ads $36.91

2./ Active Income from being a pay per poster from PayU2Blog $40 , $20 , payperpost @28.33 and bloggerwave $20 being a grand total of $108.33

All you need to do is to set yourself a daily target and then do whatever it takes to achieve it. I was lucky and got ahead of myself in the first few days so pretty much cruised to victory on this assignment that I set myself but the fact is I probably had another 20 or 30 dollars in me if I had really needed to.

This is not money physically paid to me but money accrued. I keep two spreadsheets, one with actual money received which is what I count in this million dollar experiment and another with money earned which keeps track of what I have accumulated on a daily basis.

If I continue the way this month has so far gone it is quite possible that I could get near the $500 US mark this month, which is almost twice what I did last month. The only thing stopping me from doing this is myself!

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Mike Perry said...

Well done! That's great. It shows what determination and a set objective can achieve.

stratz said...

Well done mate. Well Done. I am glad to see you reaching yoru goals. Keep them up.

Anonymous said...

Mike, stratz, thanks for that. Its great watching money come in from all directions!