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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Is a Blog a Business?

For some a Blog is a diary online to record what they have been up to, for others it is their main job and income. Then there is the rest of us who sit somewhere between the two. We don't make enough money to survive solely on our Blogging income however you could hardly call us diary bloggers.

What are you actually selling?
Traffic is a blogs main product, its like a TV channel - you are not going to get any advertising unless the programmes are interesting and have people watching them. Once you get the traffic levels up to a few hundred visitors a day all kinds of doors start to open.

Cash flow
Running a Blog or any Internet business requires management of cash flow, there are expenses to take care of plus with any luck an influx of payments coming in. The kind of expenses that would be typical of a blog or website include...

  • Domain Renewal Fees

  • Hosting Fees

  • Marketing/Advertising Costs

  • Development Costs

Customer Service
As with any business the state of your customer service could well have an impact on your business. This can include the way that you deal with and process enquiries from advertisers, what kind of deals you can do for them and the build up of goodwill is important as well.

Startup Costs
A blogging business can be very economical to begin with, even with hosting and a domain name it is possible to get going for under $100 (or even for free for a hosted blog like blogspot) . A certain amount of knowledge is necessary to do this however as far as building a money making Internet business goes, this is certainly not expensive.

Word of Mouth
Like any business the best form of advertising is word of mouth, in the cyberage of course this type of viral advertising is seldom the spoken kind, however if you happen to get linked to by some of the A-List or popular Bloggers out there you can certainly get inundated with traffic.

Overall Blogging is very much a Business for many, however kudos to those that blog simply for the pleasure of sharing their lives or passions with the rest of world. I do think however it is possible to enjoy yourself and earn a few bucks at the same time. Only by doing sponsored posts and having LOTS of advertising have we managed to afford our new HO in Auckland City below.

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