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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Blog Jobs - Where to find them

There are a number of sites out there where Bloggers can get paid for writing content for a blog site . Here are some of the sites that offer Blogging opportunities if you are interested in earning extra money in this manner...

The ProBlogger Job Board
The Problogger Job board has a number of positions available at any one time. They range from jobs that involve writing about celebrities, to sports, business technology and just about every thing else that you can think of.

Performancing Forum
Performancing appears to have quite a lively forum with jobs posted as well as bloggers looking for work.

Their jobs are often advertised on ProBlogger, but even if you have an idea for a topic you can fill out the application from for blog jobs on their site.

From the Blogging Jobs that I have looked at it appears that if you are keen on Blogging about celebrities or gadgets their are plenty of positions available. Some of the positions require a lot of commitment so you would need to make sure you could meet the terms of whatever was required.

Requirements to get a Blog Job
Most of the Blog jobs that I looked at required three things...

1/ A commitment to a certain number of posts per day, or week, or month

2/ An interest in the subject that you are going to be blogging about

3/ Proof of your writing/blogging ability as well as being able to create unique content time on an ongoing basis.

Payment for Bloggers appears to vary widely, from 5 to 10 dollars for a post right up to hundreds of dollars a month. Some of the blogs offered profit share as an additional sweetener which would certainly be the type of thing that I would be interested in.

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Mike Perry said...

I struggle to write my own posts without doing others as well! For anyone who has the time, though, it's an interesting way to make some extra cash.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike, in someways its like writing sponsored posts, but placing them somewhere else which isn't a bad thing!