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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Make Money Fast with Lists

One way that you can get a bunch of new traffic to your site is by creating a useful list of something, a list I recently created was the definitive list of paid to post sites and I have to say that the list is quite useful and I even use it myself on an almost daily basis!

The best thing is that its started to show up extremely well in Google for popular search terms like paid to blog sites so its something that I am starting to get a bunch of traffic from. Obviously it took a lot of time to collate and especially experience all the sites in the list but it should pay off.

From your own experience it shouldn't be to hard to collate some kind of list or resource page, make it something that you would use yourself and you will probably find that it is useful for other people as well.

I would recommend that you don't stuff your list full of affiliate links if you can help it, as sometimes this can put people off as they may not be sure whether you are recommending something because its going to make you 5 dollars if they sign up, or whether you are just recommending it - so in my opinion one way to prove that you are for real is to post without affiliate links.

Don't be afraid to go back and update your list as things change as well, something you may have recommended my change their terms and conditions, or something new worthy being on the list may come along in which case you should add it in and keep the list as current as possible.

Lists are a great way of sharing and saving other people time, if I have spent 9 months trying different pay per post sites and someone is unsure of which ones are legit then I can save them a hell of a lot of time by referring them to my list, and if they appreciate that normally they will send a link my way, which is worth a great deal in the long term.

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