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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Landing Page Success at Last!

Finally I have had some limited success with my PPC experiment where I set up a Google Adwords campaign and sent the visitors straight to niche product Amazon Astores. You can read about the original experiment here.... Landing Pages - Can they Make Money Fast?

The Background to the Experiment
The experiment has been running for just over 3 weeks and it is time to check the results and see if it is possible to make money fast with landing pages. Remember you don't even need a website to do this!

I became very disillusioned with this after the first couple of weeks - probably half the problem was that I was checking the results everyday and sometimes its best just to leave things for a bit. The biggest problem was that despite getting literally thousands of impressions for my ads the click through rate was very low.

In some ways this is good, because you want to structure your adverts so that you are only going to get clicked on if they are already sold on the product let me explain...

Specifically targeting the Ads
Say you are selling star wars DVD's , specifically Empire Strikes Back DVD's, now you would be crazy to have an advert that said DVD's for sale. As how many that clicked on that would be interested in an Empire Strikes Back DVD? probably not many. However if your advert specifically said Buy Empire Strikes Back DVD online now then you would be in with a much better chance of converting the traffic. Also funnily enough the keywords would be cheaper as well.

To find the areas that these niche products were popular in you would use Google Trends so that you are also narrowing down your targeting to a specific geographic area for your product.

The Results
The results are around 5 US dollars spent on clicks, and approximately 12 US dollars earned. One of my campaigns was responsible for most of the results and from only 8 clicks (90 cents) I had 3 orders. Thats a great conversion rate, I am currently boosting what I am paying on this campaign to try and get more click throughs.

Going Forwards
Now although you could hardly call my results startling the fact is that I have made a small profit by creating free astore pages, and driving qualified targeted traffic to them. Now you can have up to 100 astores and I am really excited about the potential of this. I am going to spend more time setting up more campaigns and creating more stores and will report further on this in the weeks and months ahead.

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Unknown said...

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Thanks ACH

Anonymous said...


If you would like to swap links, feel free to post a link to my site and I will return the favour with a link on my like minded sites.



stratz said...

Nice work be sure to keep us informed. Actually I have an online store too. yesterday was it 4th day online and it had its first sale. so it paid for the first month hosting with some change left over.

Anonymous said...

Nice work stratz, I never knew you were using oscommerce for an online store. Good work.