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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Making Money Fast - I'm gonna do it!!

At the beginning of this month I had managed to go for a few days averaging around $20 a day in earnings, and I thought that was quite cool so I tried to do it for seven days in a row..

Anyway once I had achieved this as someone who is always looking for new challenges I thought what if I can continue to keep that up for a whole month!

Anyway today is the 27th and I now know, that as I am a bit ahead of target in income accrued, this month I will pass $600 US earned!! (not payed - only just over $300 will be counted this month as money actually in the coffers of the Million Dollar Experiment Down Under).

My post after seven days is now quite interesting to read, because I was quite pleased with myself at the time, however probably didn't realize I could just keep it going! Here's the article if you feel like going back 20 days or so... Seven Days - 140 Dollars - Staying focused

What can I say? Dream Believe - and Achieve.

Next month I am going to set even higher targets for myself.

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