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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Paid to Post Tips #2 - Multiple Blogs help make money fast

If you are interested in making money from your blog it may be worthwhile having more than one, especially if you are prepared to invest the time in it.

Alot of paid posting sites let you submit more than one blog to them and this certainly increases the range of opportunities that are available to you. You may find that there is nothing suitable for one of your sites yet there is something for one of your others.

And of course you may want to have a blog or two that have no sponsored posts whatsoever, by having some that do and some that don't you can compare different methods of monetisation and also build for the future through creating a blog full of related content only, while still making money from your other blogs.

Once you create multiple streams of income on any given day you may find money getting deposited into your paypal account from all directions. Sometimes I get deposits and I am not even sure what they are for until I do a bit of digging around. (sometimes the company name is different from the name of the website)

I have a blog that is on its own domain with wordpress and through payperpost this blog gets a lot more opportunities than my blogspot blog, even though it has a lesser page rank, less visitors and is not as established. The fact is that a lot of advertisers are not keen on a blogspot blog, so you may want to bear this in mind, if you are looking to maximise the opportunities that you will have made available to you.

In summary - more blogs equals more opportunities to make money, if you have the time to commit to them.

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stratz said...

Hey would you be interested in doing something similar to what you did before like a top 3 sites or something for you othe rblog and my other blog too? wold help it for the next google PR

Chuckie said...

I a believer in multiple blogs too, but be careful, it can get addictive, I have around a dozen!

Anonymous said...

As a "newbie", where do you find the time?